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Crypto Exchange Trading Platform

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PICOS Technology is a startup company that provides crypto white-label exchange solutions as one of its product offerings.

As the sole UX designer in the company, my responsibilities included competitive analysis, designing user flows, setting up design system and visual design, prototyping, and testing.

Design Process

I begin with designing the site structure and setting up the design system for reusable components. I collected many examples from different exchanges to analyze and review their plus and minuses. Upon iterations and taking feedback from internal usability tests, the design will undergo stakeholder reviews. 


Business Goal

The main goal was to showcase the workable prototype to raise funds and eventually get client onboard.

Jobs to be done

Perform spot trading (Buy/ sell)

View user dashboard & asset overview

Deposit, withdraw, and transfer asset

Device size

Desktop as first priority (1440 px and 1920 px)

Mobile as second priority

Target audience

Professional trader

2. Quick & easy to switch between dark and light mode


1. Placing order form widget in the middle for users' convenience

1920px screen resolution layout

Trading Platform


Sticky collapsible order management widget for cleaner interface

1440px screen resolution layout


Mobile screen layout

User Dashboard


4. Easily view summary of trading fee percentage

1. Enable user to see available balance in a glance

2. Showing recent activities for users' covenience to detect potential scam

3. Quick access to favourite coins

User Dashboard

Asset Overview

3. View the asset analysis easily at the same page

1. Enable user to see assets overview in a glance

2. Showing recent transactions for users' covenience to detect suspicious transactions

Asset overview

Deposit, Transfer & Withdrawal

The video below showing the first prototype demo for the following tasks:

- User deposits some asset into his wallet

- User transfers some asset from spot to funding wallet

- Users withdraw his asset

Other Demo Videos

Click the video below to see other demo videos

- User exploring trading platform

- User placing and canceling order

- User deposit asset, sell, and and withdraw asset

Trading View

Trading View
Trading View

Trading View

Play Video
Placing and Cancelling Orders, Trade

Placing and Cancelling Orders, Trade

Play Video
Deposit, Sell, Withdraw

Deposit, Sell, Withdraw

Play Video



The startup life

Being the only designer in the team is quite challenging since there's no one to bounce ideas with. There's often not enough guidance and direction given and I have to set my own priorities and create my own rules to follow. The team also faced with a few pivots that happens when pitching to new potential business partner and change of planning and focus are needed frequently.

Unfamiliar territory

I have zero knowledge in crypto trading previously. So took a little bit more time for me to get familiarize with the trading functions.

What I learned

Creating variables

Trying out the new variable feature in Figma is fun, but it took some learning time. However I did manage to set the dark/light scheme with this. 

Quality Check and Testing

Even though you have specified as much details in the design file, some times due to time constraints things will not go as what you design. Therefore, checking and testing still is required to make sure the intended design is still intact.

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